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Last updated: 2006-03-31
(TCP) Share version EX2 = e3ebc4e73fb2ce8ed5e3904a82067715be0dd4fd : locale . hint . readme . info
(UDP) Share version NT5 = 3792d45b9bfd1a1cd00fa2b376296fc230932e50 : locale . hint . readme . info

This page list changes from history.txt, from version a60 onwards (when the point system was introduced). History from earlier versions will be translated given enough time and interest.

Note that it's an extremely bad idea to downgrade Share...

TCP : ex2 ex1 a82 a81 a80 a79 a78 a77b a77 a76 a75c a75b a75 a74b a74 a73d a73c a73b a73 a72 a71b a71 a70 a69 a68b a68 a67c a67b a67 a66 a65 a64b a64 a63 a62c a62b a62 a61c a61b a61 a60d a60c a60b a60

UDP : nt5 nt4b nt4 nt3b nt3 nt2b nt2 nt1

TCP history

UDP history

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