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Last updated: 2006-03-31
(TCP) Share version EX2 = e3ebc4e73fb2ce8ed5e3904a82067715be0dd4fd : locale . hint . readme . info
(UDP) Share version NT5 = 3792d45b9bfd1a1cd00fa2b376296fc230932e50 : locale . hint . readme . info

Share plugins and utilities. Credits go to Exec for the initial version of this page.

Latest PDK is version 10 (plugins built with an older PDK might not work with the current version of Share): ファイル倉庫NT56s0tGbv 673,412 535ff66ca8c82acb84f1509782f52d36710232b4


  1. Internal plugins
  2. External tools

1. Internal plugins

Programs loaded by Share. These can be obtained through Share itself (by adding a download trigger with the hash below).

Most of them are not verified personally, if any of them do not work or if you know other useful plugins, please send email.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] YigRNcLyXRfsa 360,271 9a908778cf8e9dc706e137d1c9fefc336f1f1c32

Add filters in batches. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] CacheDump_v007.7z RetupmocMCvGEPqYHa 206,284 f2a5520f0c1a4936c4738b6e19134586d68b6dcf

Write cache contents to user specified destination. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] YigRNcLyXRfsa 350,413 e98a46bf1e1500f3ddcb4d71da60c057be992921

Collect cluster words into groups. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] ClusterWordCollector Tester(仮OG4jhwwqrj 350,062 6a618b9fd034d48cdf0618d71c8c865efc9cdbf7

Collect cluster words from Sleep nodes.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] YigRNcLyXRfsa 221,157 34a64776f354e39b80199976ee933da445d5abf2

Manage Turbo function. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] Tester(仮OG4jhwwqrj 313,611 5e0a005c637d72682326968cbbebe53318bd66f3

Set priority automatically to user specified order.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] vipper774CZN9KPQXL 248,535 3e9962cbba295d24e2d9f85e19c2e9b549f129d8

Help file for Share.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] JibikiKun_010c.rar ぷらぐいん工房Yr3w8Iztfa 324,411 3387d63eacfc792c272a41066f1697b36653b735

Record results from searches and add them.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] Delφ初心者LtekRyCThD 273,701 cdca64c9fb6a0f1d37ac98bfc2be703b61a5925f

Watches for directory changes and add them to uploads automatically, without needing to manually recheck upload folder. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] Delφ初心者LtekRyCThD 170,319 33a5e9a1f76fcfc267f926493a5a9a047c2321fd

Add popup menu to download/upload tasks to copy key information. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] Delφ初心者LtekRyCThD 255,679 c741419b9de3d807fff5c68f8fa710b018279ec9

Anonymous newsgroup powered by Share. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] NodeRefresh_v007.7z RetupmocMCvGEPqYHa 240,890 091884da451b7b4c40543a572f59322a4f1bf30e

Update node list from URL. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] きのこる先生shop3plS3Z 367,807 f56d5290fc6643a3cabc73ce3c02ef82c4644138

Remove spam by pattern recognition (too many keyword matches in file name). Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] OneCacheDelete_011.rar ぷらぐいん工房Yr3w8Iztfa 183,121 1123455bb3fb081b0382f835ca16c781aacee6f9

Delete both Cache+DB at once.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] Delφ初心者LtekRyCThD 170,553 9178fb4de3c571c8e339248d07b19bf5f243a24b

Allow using regular expressions for triggers.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] Delφ初心者LtekRyCThD 104,127 8d00426913a1a9e3b3be5ddb76d12631f572b5f7

Set priority on download list. Source included.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] TaskChan_007b.rar ぷらぐいん工房Yr3w8Iztfa 282,149 ae64cf1a354a2f7cdaa0a5d1f6aefaafa71b73fd

Add extra window showing task status.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] DownFolderClassify Tester(仮OG4jhwwqrj 339,141 836cac2d3a9544bd7fbcb448c5a7da127273882e

Organize downloads by converting them to different folders.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] FolderOpen_004.rar ぷらぐいん工房Yr3w8Iztfa 70,760 2eceb5da645f2e23550b9e4d5ca8a3ecfcb819fe

Adds menu to open folder.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] Tester(仮OG4jhwwqrj 200,948 d7b4660bd412505ca0f0282a3c466d664c283d57

Force full conversion of broken downloads.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] NodeKun_007.rar ぷらぐいん工房Yr3w8Iztfa 299,003 f5f4b45bdadfed214c4cfbb62e546b67ef8ae6c5

Get node lists from list sites and add them automatically.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] Delφ初心者LtekRyCThD 947,631 e872da16790b98807e6470260b99749af0eee5f5

Notify various information from the task tray. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] YigRNcLyXRfsa 350,734 7dee3ef73b348937e0ef16cc5558db316e48e2db

Show plugin versions. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] RegExpFilter_021.rar ぷらぐいん工房Yr3w8Iztfa 296,144 cf36b9efce2214a0493e6f19026ace5303bf242d

Regular expression filter.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] RendaKun_014.rar ぷらぐいん工房Yr3w8Iztfa 287,346 847eca851e6cdcb15617e7b1a371f321c7071bb3

Send out search requests repeatedly.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] YigRNcLyXRfsa 389,320 d745ada9ed69289206fcee933e7f64f8a792a10f

Monitor clipboard and add strings that matches certain patterns as triggers. Includes source code.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] QueryCacheInfo_007b.rar ぷらぐいん工房Yr3w8Iztfa 269,550 5205338fbc69f64ccb5232ce3490b57dd60e6a62

Add command to popup menu to query cache information.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] RemoteKun_008.rar ぷらぐいん工房Yr3w8Iztfa 372,541 d1f895dd79b4ad1b27ea12a6b51db1985314d333

Allows remote control of Share through HTTP.

[Share Plugin] [PDK9] TaskLogger_0.6.rar 歯医者TdQJ4kiwXX 73,451 d80040f340a00d6146bf987cb9052026684e206a

Log changes in task status, and notify when download completes.

[Share Plugin] Support_O_004 (PDK9 Ver1.0 A76-).zip PalepoliO9222u1Ae0 352,567 c63a65c34e4610e91c1e4689f9e9a7f24d73aa6c

Automatically cancel conversion of completed downloads. ファイル倉庫NT56s0tGbv 673,412 535ff66ca8c82acb84f1509782f52d36710232b4

Share plugin development kit, includes sample plugins with source:
- CacheView: Display the binary.
- iFilter: Simple filter.

[Share] [Plugin] [tool] 詰合せ(2005_03_19).zip ID:AXFGeQHAQF 12,787,439 7d054499623df41866ed4d0a2b5f92311cc10d30

Share plugin and binary collection, includes the following:
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] BatchFilter_r009
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] ClusterChanger_r007a
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] ClusterWordCollector 0.2
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] DiffusionProClone_r005
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] DynamicPriority_0.6
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] HelpShare_s25
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] JibikiKun_010c
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] KeyCopyMenu_0.3
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] MenuEditor_alpha0.0
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] nospam-0.1
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] OneCacheDelete_011
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] RexExpTrigger_0.3a
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] SetPriority_2.0
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] ShareNNTP_0.11
- [Share Plugin] [PDK10] TaskChan_007b

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] 詰合せ(2005_04_09).zip ID:AXFGeQHAQF 5,328,396 011a35107b063d2da3b2d44eabb120712821db2c

Share plugin collection, same as the above collection (2005_03_19) but contains only PDK10 plugins.

2. External tools

Miscellaneous programs that may be useful to use with Share.

Note that I can not knowingly list programs that are harmful to the Share network (programs that limit upstream speeds, for example). If you know any other useful programs that fits this criterion, please send email.

TCP Monitor Plus (OGA)

Monitor network traffic (Japanese, freeware)

FileMon (Sysinternals)

Monitor disk activities (English, freeware)

ClamAV (Clam AntiVirus)

Virus scanner (English, freeware)


Exec had done a great job with creating the other English Share site, but that site is planned for closure. Exec has sent me email on 2005-04-01 to take over the plugins section, which has now become this page. Thank you Exec for all the hard work up to now ^_^

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