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Last updated: 2006-11-26


Winny is the latest in peer to peer file sharing. Its main features are:

These came from my experience... the favorite features may be different for everyone, but generally, you want to use Winny because it has files you can't get otherwise.

To run Winny, you need the main program (see links below), and Japanese Windows (or some version of Windows setup to be Japanese-capable, otherwise you will need to run Winny in headless mode). Some configuration of Winny and maybe your firewall is required.


Most sites that used to have Winny related content are now gone, try search for what's left.

Winny Info page, information about its functionalities, history, discussion threads and all.

WinRAR will read most archives, including ZIP and LZH.

Another English Winny guide that predates mine. Mine is slightly more comprehensive ^_^;;

It's just like Winny ^_^;

This page, maintained by serika ^_^; Though I highly recommend people learn the Japanese language and visit the other sites, it will make this one redundant.

index : intro/resources : setup : usage : tips

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