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Last updated: 2004-06-21

This page lists random things which I find useful or interesting.

  1. Adding download rules
  2. Adding ignore rules
  3. Show header block
  4. Force conversion
  5. Cache management
  6. How to upload less
  7. How to increase download limit
  8. Headless Winny
  9. Share more of your cache!
  10. Clusters

1. Adding download rules will make Winny more automated, so that you don't have to babysit it (although in some cases, using Winny semi-interactively is better).

2. Adding ignore rules prevents Winny from collecting garbage files. The matching system works the exact same way as the download rules, except the effect is the opposite.

3. Show header block is the one best method for verifying files before downloading the whole thing. Of course, it requires some understanding of the file format.

4. You can force conversion on partially downloaded files. Winny will mark these files as incomplete in the downloaded folder, and you see red text in the task view.

5. This section has been removed, please read my apology.

6. This section has been removed, please read my apology.

7. This section has been removed, please read my apology.

8. For those not able to see the menus/buttons (and you already tried changing the international settings from Control Panel and that didn't work), Winny can be used in headless mode. This is not an official feature, it's a hack ^_^;

9. This isn't just to be social...

Simply not deleting files from your cache after the download completed is the best way. In this sense, Winny is very much like BitTorrent.

To upload files that you didn't download, you will need to register an upload folder with Winny. There is a bug in 2.0beta7.1 that causes Winny to crash when adding an upload folder, so you will need to create the UpFolder.txt manually:


Winny has bandwidth accounting problems, from time to time it will report bandwidth use much higher than what the connection is capable of (during burst transfers especially, it seems). My record is 102K ^_^;

10. Joining clusters to get more search results... really is quite a black art. Basically you want to be in the group of nodes who are searching for the same things as yourself.

To do this, add a download rule with the keywords specifying what you are looking for, and press [use settings for cluster] button. The first three rules will be used as your cluster keywords, marked with "*".

The cluster keywords themselves aren't always obvious, sometimes searching for "anime" or "comic" will do it, but more obscure keywords sometimes return more hits (and this is the black art bit). One way to guess the popular cluster keywords is to observe the node list screen.

Also, remember that you get more hits in return if you have more files in your cache.

index : intro/resources : setup : usage : tips

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